Teaching and research core from the Andres Bello University

In 1993 the Andres Bello University created a visionary project: their Marine Research Centre, with a principal goal that involve the exploration and conservation of marine resources. Today, CIMARQ is leader in field teaching of different lectures of Marine Biology and Aquaculture programs from the Faculty of Ecology and Natural Resources. With an important influence in outreach and public policy, CIMARQ leads research areas in Latin-American such as: Marine Ecology, Aquaculture Research, Marine Biotechnology, Oceanography, Marine Pollution, Conservation and Fishery Science.





An intensive 13 day laboratory and lecture course for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who seek a broad view of the modern issues of Developmental Biology. Exceptional Latin American undergraduate students may also apply.
Related lectures and laboratories will provide the student with the state-of-the-art of paradigms, problems and methodologies on modern Developmental Biology. The animal model used for laboratories will be zebrafish and locally available fishes; insects (Drosophila, Manduca sexta and others); frog, sea urchin, chick and planarians.


Dr. Estrada is the new CIMARQ director in chief

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CIMARQ won a FIC regional Fund

Miss Francisca López and Dr. Estrada won a FIC fund. This project will study the life history of sea urchin. Also, this research has an important component of outreach to the local communities.

More information about this beautiful project take contact with our researcher Miss Francisca López; francisca.lopez@unab.cl