1. In the abstract part it makes sense to highlight the historical overview research paper writing (who, how and where the feast arranged) and the available approaches to solving your problem (who and what is now offering). Try to find a relationship with a modern approach and a historical (cultural) reference. (which from past experience is used to this day). As you go beyond the scope of the subject area only to feasts and attract knowledge from the field of psychology (your subject lies at the junction of knowledge areas), you dedicate a separate chapter to the phenomenon of amazement (in the same sequence – historical reference, available modern and available data, etc. .)
2. Evaluate the pros and cons of the information received (what you liked, what you will use). Clearly prescribe those principles that follow from the knowledge that you will base your research. Determined with the methods of studying the desired relationship – how do you prove that it was clear that the cultural program affects the amazement. (for example, you will measure the degree of remoteness of the lower jaw from the top, or count the number of shakes of the head in a unit of time, or measure the loudness of the clapping with a tongue with special acoustic equipment)
3. Perhaps you can more specifically determine what you should do in the practical part and whether you need it at all. If necessary, then write these positions as one of the conclusions on the abstract part.